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A trillion here, a trillion there…

Have you noticed how the word ‘trillion’, in whatever currency, has become part of everyday vocabulary?

No one writing about Western economies bothers mentioning puny little millions any longer, and thousands might as well be dirt under our feet. Even the billion, until recently thought to be a fairly respectable monetary unit, has fallen by the wayside.

We, meaning Westerners, are so rich that we think in trillions now. Isn’t it absolutely wonderful?

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Perhaps all Anglicans should convert to Buddhism

I’ve been trying for years to find a good word to say about the professional Tory Tim Montgomerie of The Times, but he makes it extremely difficult.

So much happier I was to see the title of his today’s article The Church Is Blighted by Its Left-Wing Bias. At last, I thought, preparing to enjoy every word. Tim has finally seen the light and he’s going to shine it upon us.

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One sane man in a mad world

Our time is supposed to be the natural development of the Age of Reason. Yet upon even a cursory examination this Reason strikes one as rather, well, unreasonable.

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Blair, Miliband and Balls, paragons of public self-service

“Mr Blair is still in public life, but he is not bound by its principles,” said Andrew Bridgen, MP. “That needs to be changed.”

Mr Bridgen is mistaken. Tony is bound by the principles of public life hand and foot. What he understands, and Mr Bridgen doesn’t, is that principles mustn’t be confused with ideals.

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Atheism can make even a clever man sound stupid

Dominic Lawson, usually a lucid social and political commentator, has just broken an immutable rule to which there are no known exceptions:

Atheists must never, under any circumstances and whatever the provocation, talk about religion, and especially argue against it.

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Daddy’s little girl and other sex news

Incest is best, according to an 18-year-old American girl who ‘has always identified as bisexual’, and there I was, thinking that ‘identify’ is a transitive verb.

Though she and her father have been ‘dating’ for two years, they now realise co-habitation without marriage is sinful. Consequently they plan to move to New Jersey (the only state where incest is legal), tie the knot and have children.

According to the young lady, this is the most natural thing to do because she and her parental fiancé have much in common.

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This little piggy isn’t going anywhere near Oxford

As a life-long champion of the ethos of share-care-be-aware, and chairman (and so far the only member) of the Charles Martel Society for Multiculturalism, I welcome every call for religious sensitivity, no matter how seemingly risible.

Every time our Muslim friends have a bit of fun with Kalashnikovs or Semtex such calls become more urgent, and the high moral ground from which they are issued reaches a new plateau.

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Some more materialist twaddle from our ‘leaders’

“Security and prosperity go hand in hand,” explained Dave and Barack Hussein in a jointly written, or rather ghost-written, Times article.

“We reaffirm our belief that our ability to defend our freedoms is rooted in our economic strength,” they added.

This belief, if they indeed hold it, is staggering in its ignorance and feeble-mindedness. Yet again I am scared out of my wits realising what kind of nonentities are leading us – all the way to calamity.

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It’s not just Jews who should fear anti-Semitism

Islamic terrorism is the talk of the town right now, which is understandable in view of last week’s events.

Yet few realise or, to be more accurate, dare to say that large, and largely radicalised, Muslim populations don’t just produce armed terrorists who kill people. They also excrete cultural toxins that poison the air.

Of these toxins anti-Semitism is one of the deadliest, mainly because antidotes to it are historically weak in Europe.

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Peaches and crime: the ordeal of Gen. Petraeus

When a sixtyish man is habitually called ‘Peaches’ by any woman other than his wife, he isn’t just courting the woman. He is courting trouble.

It’s not just ‘Peaches’ either. At that stage of his life a man shouldn’t acquire, within however limited a circle, any nickname deriving from fruit, domestic pets or the more ferocious animals.

If he does find himself with a name other than the one his parents gave him, the ensuing trouble may come in different forms.


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