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Thou shalt respect other people’s customs, whatever they are

As a lifelong champion of multi-culti rectitude, I’m proud of the progress Britain has made since the 19th century.

In those days of the Raj the British colonialist-imperialist monsters displayed gross insensitivity to the local customs.

It’s not as if the concept of multiculturalism was then unknown, even if the word was. As far back as the 5th century BC (sorry, it should be BCE now, but I haven’t yet expunged all my rotten habits), Herodotus taught that “we must respect other people’s customs.”

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Two wars, one moral confusion

The term ‘moral equivalence’ was popular during the Cold War, when it was widely used by Westerners of the leftist persuasion.

Those people saw no difference between the KGB spying on the West and the CIA spying on the Soviet Union or, say, between American missiles installed in Turkey and Soviet missiles installed in Cuba.

‘Moral equivalence’ was the term they used, but they didn’t really mean equivalence. The word was just shorthand for the emotional and ideological kinship they felt for the Soviet Union.

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A 70-year old woman abused for using a 150-year-old idiom

A councilwoman in Brimscombe, Gloucestershire, committed a crime.

I’m not sure whether it’s forensically classified as a felony but, if it isn’t yet, it will be soon.

For the time being, this salt of the English earth, who runs a B&B and organises the village fete, hasn’t been sent to prison, as she doubtless will be if she re-offends when she’s 75.

Meanwhile she was sent on a diversity and equality course, which will set her back £150 plus the train fair to London.

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Tories come cheaper wholesale (advertising feature)

Fancy a nice, cuddly Tory MP? Or a bloodhound ready to chase your detractors to the ends of the earth? A whole pack perhaps?

Come to the Tory Kennel in Westminster – we won’t let you down.

We have plenty to choose from: front bench, back bench, dogs, bitches, black, brown, white, all ages from puppy to pre-taxidermy, all looks from well fit (bitches) to shaggy (dogs) – you name it.

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What Churchill described as a ‘bacillus’ has come full circle

Although Churchill in his later life couldn’t conceal his admiration for Stalin, he accurately described Lenin as a ‘plague bacillus’ transported by the Germans from Switzerland to Russia.

The bacillus caused an outbreak of a deadly disease that claimed more lives than any other pandemic in history.

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“Death to Jews!” screams Europe

Shattered shop fronts in Jewish neighbourhoods. Shards of glass crunching underfoot. Jews attacked in the streets. Synagogues and Jewish cemeteries vandalised. Marauding crowds screaming “Kill Jews!” and “Slit Jews’ throats!”, with police looking on.

This isn’t Kristallnacht in Germany, 1938.

This is Paris, London, Rome and Berlin today. Seventy years after six million Jews were murdered by the Germans, with the acquiescence and avid participation of most countries under German control.

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In Britain the law is above all (except the urge to mollycoddle Putin)

Foreign agents murdered a British subject on British soil in 2006. The murder weapon wasn’t a gun, a garrotte or a knife. It wasn’t even any traditional poison.

Alexander Litvinenko, the KGB defector naturalised in the UK, was murdered with a radioactive substance called polonium-200.

That, and the widely assumed fact that Litvinenko was working for MI6 at the time, added some piquancy to the crime. The case became big news, for the usual five minutes.

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It’s the West wot done it, gov

One wonders what, short of a Russian air attack on Western capitals, would make Putin’s Western admirers shut up.

Prime among them is Peter Hitchens, who has an almost homoerotic longing for a ‘strong leader’. In his younger years he venerated Trotsky; now it’s Putin’s turn.

Hitchens has been singing tuneless hymns celebrating the KGB colonel for several years now, and the volume of said performances is unaffected by any cannibalistic act perpetrated by his idol.

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Well, stone the crows (or Muslim women, as the case may be)

It was all perfectly legal, in strict compliance with time-honoured legal principles.

A Sharia court in a Syrian province under jihadist control charged a young woman with adultery a few days ago.

The case was tried according to the due process of Islamic law, and the defendant was found guilty.

Since her crime carried a mandatory death sentence, she was taken out to the market square and publicly stoned to death. Justice was served.

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How many natural and industrial disasters happened in the Soviet Union?

The answer is, none. Or, to be more exact, none that was reported.

One can begin to understand the reluctance to acknowledge industrial, especially nuclear, accidents.

After all, as is universally known, Soviet science and technology were by far the most advanced in the world.

Hence any reports of disasters could only have been concocted by the capitalist scum plotting to besmirch the reputation of the mother of all progress.


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