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It’s apology time on both sides of the pond

Democratic presidential candidate Martin O’Malley got the ball rolling when he apologised for saying that white lives matter as much as black ones.

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Those sexy devils

Do you ever get the feeling you haven’t lived? I do, every time I read yet another sex-crime story in the papers.

I’ve never considered myself particularly prudish, and I’ve probably done enough in the area of romance to earn the fires of hell in eternity.

What gives me some consolation is the hope that repentance does work, and the thought that quite a few others are bound to be ahead of me in the post-mortem queue to the frying pan. Just witness this morning’s story.

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Did Jesus have Nato in mind?

Luke 8:17 reads like a current report on the West’s failure to protect classified information: “For nothing is secret that shall not be made manifest; neither any thing hid, that shall not be known and come abroad.”

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The spectre of evil is haunting Europe

In a globalised world, Britain’s disasters will rebound on everyone, and make no mistake about it:  Corbyn’s elevation to Labour leadership is disastrous.

To Marx the spectre haunting Europe was that of communism, but he was only partly right. Communism is only a facet of a larger entity: evil. 

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Women’s rights and Clara Schumann’s wrongs

A teenage pupil of a C of E school set out to address a terrible injustice: her school A-level music syllabus covered 63 composers, of whom – are you sitting down? – all are MEN.

I don’t know how well they teach music at her school, but their standards of indoctrination in the fine points of PC jargon are highly advanced.

The silly girl (and all teenagers are silly by physiological definition) must be a star pupil, for she wielded terms like ‘gender inequality’ and ‘normalised sexism’ with nothing short of grown-up fluency.

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Militant atheism has moved from the USSR to our press

I don’t mind atheists – we all have a right to moral and intellectual aberrations. Such as eschewing revealed religion for a silly superstition based on neither revelation nor scientific evidence.

What’s less acceptable is people spouting hostile, militant nonsense at the top of their lungs, especially if they try to pass harangues for a serious argument.

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Another salvo fired in the war on English

“Only an idle fool would convict Jane Austen of bad grammar”, runs the Times headline of yet another panegyric to illiteracy produced by Oliver Kamm.

By contrast, a clever, busy chap like Ollie has no time for fine distinctions among ‘convict of’ and ‘accuse of’ or ‘charge with’, either of which would have fit his sentence better.

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Vetting versus Yvetting

The waves of refugees threatening to engulf Britain amount to a crisis. Like all crises, this one begets debates, debates beget rhetoric and rhetoric begets oversimplification.

As any veteran of verbal jousts will tell you, a debate is no place for rational, nuanced arguments. It’s a place for fiery slogans and endlessly repeated mantras.

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Still think America is a Christian country?

Kim Davis, a Kentucky county clerk and devout Christian, refused to issue licences for homosexual marriages because they “conflict with God’s definition of marriage”.

There are only two objections to her statement possible even in theory. One: there is no such conflict. Two: either way, God’s definitions don’t matter.

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Putin ought to read Euripides

‘Judge a man by the company he keeps’. My friend Vlad ought to have familiarised himself with this Euripidean maxim before attending yesterday’s festivities in China.

Communist China used the anniversary of Japan’s defeat in the Second World War to parade its muscle. Over 12,000 soldiers marched through Tiananmen Square, where the same army massacred a peaceful demonstration in 1989.


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